Crystal Meth Causes Severe Heart Damage

Crystal Meth also Damages the Kidneys,肝多

结晶甲基a form of methamphetamine,是非法的,dangerous,and very addictive street drug.它的流行是由于它产生的兴奋和幻觉效应,and to the fact that阿片类滥用者当类阿片难以获得时,有时会用冰毒替代。

Crystal meth can have profoundly negative effects on several organ systems,including the brain,lungs,stomach and bowels,mouth,和皮肤。但是这种药物的一些最深刻的毒性与心血管系统有关。Crystal meth can cause stroke,heart attacks,heart failure,acute coronary syndrome,心脏骤停和猝死。

Amphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine belongs to the class of drugs known as苯丙胺类,既有合法医疗用途又有非法用途的兴奋剂。冰毒是一种非法形式的去氧麻黄碱。It resembles tiny ice crystals or rock candy,它可以被呼噜,吸烟或注射,producing quick,强大的高潮让它上瘾。

2012,535,000 Americans were estimated to meet the diagnostic criteria for abuse or dependence on crystal meth or other stimulants,在2000万12岁及以上的人中,服用非法药物的人数占很大比例。据进一步估计,大约5%的美国高中生至少使用过一次冰毒——也被称为“crank”、“tweak”、“ice”或“glass”,还有其他名称。

Effects of Crystal Meth on the Body

冰毒对大多数器官系统都有深远的影响。常见的副作用包括皮肤发痒,acne,loss of appetite,dry mouth,冲洗,便秘,腹泻,头痛,麻木,profuse sweating,dizziness,and blurred vision.

对大脑和神经系统的影响尤为常见和突出,可能包括焦虑,aggression,幻觉,失眠症,compulsive behaviors,and cognitive disorders.定期服用冰毒,可能会发生精神病。

甲基苯丙胺引起的肺部问题包括呼吸急促,pulmonary edema,肺动脉高压and pulmonary hemorrhage.

Damage to the nose and throat may be caused by snorting the drug,而在慢性使用者中,广泛的蛀牙是常见的。这叫做“冰毒嘴”。

But some of the most consequential effects of crystal meth are related to the cardiovascular system.

Heart Damage Caused by Crystal Meth

Crystal meth places profound stress on the cardiovascular system.Tachycardia (rapid heart beat) and hypertension (elevated blood pressure) are almost always present.Both chronic users and new users can developcardiac ischemia,heart attack,andcardiomyopathy还有心力衰竭。

Intoxication with crystal meth can produce total cardiovascular collapse and death.This event often occurs very rapidly,in people who have become so agitated that they have to be forcibly restrained to prevent them from harming themselves or others.

Even without actual intoxication,使用冰毒会导致严重的心血管问题,including sudden cardiac death fromventricular fibrillation.

甲基苯丙胺还会引起血管炎症,which may lead to organ damage (such as stroke),and to inflammation of the heart lining (endocarditis

Amphetamine users have a fivefold increase in hemorrhagic strokes,当脑内血管破裂时发生。That's because this drug prompts dangerous blood pressure changes along with blood vessel spasms and inflammation that can lead to either or both of these outcomes.

显然,甲基苯丙胺滥用对心血管的许多影响是不可逆转的,即使滥用者最终成功地戒除了这种习惯。甚至在前使用者停止服用药物多年后,他们的大脑中也观察到了血管损伤。由于科学家们还不能提供任何方法来减少损害,long-term risks for stroke for these people remain higher than normal.


冰毒中毒是医疗急救,主要是由于它的心血管作用。Doctors today need to be alert to the possibility of crystal meth intoxication whenever they encounter a patient who is hypertensive,tachycardic,sweating profusely,发热的,and severely agitated or psychotic.People who are in this condition from crystal meth are an immediate danger to themselves and others because sudden violent behavior is common.


Getting rapid control of overt or potential violent behavior is critical,as is relieving the excessive cardiovascular stress.While restraints may be necessary temporarily,他们经常引起更强烈的反应。It is often necessary to give intravenous drugs such as benzodiazepines and antipsychotic medications to control agitation,硝化甘油或硝普钠控制高血压。甚至有必要使用导致暂时性麻痹的药物,这也需要插管。


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冰毒是一种常见的街头毒品,随着时间的推移,其受欢迎程度会逐渐下降。It is a highly addictive drug that often has dangerous effects on several organ systems,including the cardiovascular system.

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