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每当有人收到自动植入式心脏复律除颤器(AICD),其目标始终是让患者尽快恢复正常的生活方式。Still,there are a number of lifestyle issues that you need take into account if you areconsidering an AICD.


For the first month following AICD implantation surgery,you will need to avoid vigorous exercise and specifically,activities that require significant movement of the arms.These activities may include golf,网球,swimming,抽真空,举了几磅多。

After You Are Completely Healed

After the first month,你基本上可以恢复正常的活动。仍然需要一些预防措施,然而,such as those relating to:

Contact sports:你需要避免接触运动,比如足球和高度竞争的篮球。

Cell phones:You can use your cell phone,但是你应该试着让手机离你的AICD超过6英寸。(This means,for instance,不要让它进入你的胸袋。)建议采取这种预防措施,因为手机产生的无线电波有时会“混淆”AICD,因为它会持续分析你的心律。

Medical equipment:在进行MRI扫描之前,必须采取特殊预防措施来保护AICD,lithotripsy (a sound wave machine used to treat肾结石) or any surgery that might involve cautery.所以,最安全的做法是在进行任何医疗程序之前简单地提醒医生您有AICD。

磁铁:Magnets placed in close proximity to an AICD (within six inches or so) can inhibit the AICD from delivering therapy (should that become necessary);in some cases,magnets held against an AICD for 20 to 30 seconds can actually turn the device off altogether.So magnets should be avoided.在我们的环境中,很多地方都有磁铁,据报道,AICD受到宾果魔杖的影响,refrigerator magnets,把立体声扬声器举到胸前。所以如果你有一个AICD,你需要知道你周围的磁铁,and keep them several inches away from your device.

安全设备:Because an AICD may set off the walk-through security scanners at airports,会给你一张卡片,表明你有一个AICD,你可以给保安人员看。Also,他们用来扫描你身体的手持金属探测器含有磁铁,so simply remind security personnel not to position the scanning wand over your AICD for more than 20 to 30 seconds.(Quickly passing the wand over your AICD will not cause a problem.)

焊工和其他发电机:Welding equipment,motorized generators and high-voltage transformers generate powerful electromagnetic fields that can affect your AICD.你应该避免亲密接触(也就是说,within a few feet) with that type of equipment.


There has been a lot of confusion among patients and doctors about appropriate driving recommendations for patients with AICDs.

大多数有AICD的人接受AICD是因为他们有更高的风险sudden cardiac arrest,突然失去知觉的状态。Sudden loss of consciousness,显然,如果你开车的话会是个问题。But how does an AICD impact your risk of losing consciousness?This question has been a matter of vigorous discussion.

在很大程度上,心脏骤停(而不是AICD的存在)的风险增加,这最会影响到坐在方向盘后面的风险。许多专家认为,在心脏骤停开始的几秒钟内进行治疗的AICDs可能会导致意识丧失。较少的likely.On the other hand,有人认为,驾驶时突然受到冲击可能会导致人们失去对汽车的控制,即使他们没有昏倒。Also,在罕见的情况下,AICD第一次尝试治疗心律失常可能加速心律失常而不是终止心律失常,更快的心律失常更容易使你昏厥。所以,辩论还在继续。

关于医生应如何告知患有AICDs患者驾驶的现行指导方针,区分因先前心脏骤停或发生过室性心动过速(VT)或ventricular fibrillation(VF),and those who receive AICDs simply because their risk is high (but who have never before had a cardiac arrest).

If you are in the latter category (no prior cardiac arrest or VT or VF),most doctors will allow you to drive as soon as you have recovered from surgery.

但是如果你以前有过心脏骤停,或VT或VF,the American Heart Association recommends no driving for six months after AICD implantation or within six months of receiving a shock.But once six months have passed after either implantation or a shock (whichever is more recent),一般允许驾驶。

Because there are more opinions than data on the question of driving with an AICD,驾驶建议,归根结底,往往是个性化的。Furthermore,不同的州对驾驶AICDs有不同的规定,这些规定可能与当前的医疗指南不一致,也可能不一致。So you will want to talk to your doctor about his/her policy regarding driving with an AICD.

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