瘢痕按摩是一种常用的帮助重塑的方法。scar tissuethat has developed in injured tissue.它是一种用于物理疗法手术后,,骨折,or soft tissue injuries likesprains and strains.Scar tissue massage is also known as scar mobilization or scar tissue mobilization.


在身体中有许多情况下瘢痕组织会发展。After surgery,手术切口在皮肤处会形成疤痕组织。如果肌肉和肌腱被切断或修复,那里会有疤痕组织。

After injuries like ahamstring tear或肩袖撕裂,scar tissue will develop in the muscle as it heals.Bony scar tissue,称为愈伤组织,will form on the bone after a fracture.Scar tissue itself is the body's normal method for healing body parts that are injured.疤痕组织形式,随着时间的推移它被改造了,疤痕组织开始表现得像你正常健康的组织。

Scar tissue is formed by collagen.受伤后,你的身体会分解成正常健康组织的胶原蛋白。胶原细胞随机分布在受伤组织附近,这会导致疤痕组织。(Normal healthy collagen is aligned in specific ways and directions that give your tissue strength.)


Scar tissue is not a permanent fixture in the body.在它形成和愈合之后,the scar needs to be remodeled so that it can tolerate the stress and forces that the body may encounter throughout each day.改造过程对于确保运动范围,,力量,and mobility are restored to the injured tissue.Failure for scar tissue to remodel properly can lead to loss of mobility and joint contractures.

Scar Tissue Management Techniques

If you have developed scar tissue after an injury or surgery,your physical therapist may perform scar massage on the injured tissue in order to help with the remodeling process.He or she may also instruct you or a family member in the proper scar massage technique.

Be sure to check with your doctor or physical therapist to ensure that proper healing has taken place and that scar tissue massage is appropriate.Massaging a scar that is not fully healed can cause damage to the developing scar tissue which can delay healing.按摩一个未愈合的疤痕可能会打开它,导致你体内的细菌和感染。那是件坏事。

一般来说,the scar must be fully closed and no scabbing present to begin scar massage.

再一次,your doctor and physical therapist should assess your scar before beginning scar massage.


通常,疤痕按摩时使用少量润滑。This can be baby oil,lotion,or vitamin E oil.这是用来保持疤痕和皮肤柔软,在疤痕组织按摩。Do not use lubricants if you have any open sores or incisions.这可能是润滑剂和感染可能进入人体的途径。


One effective method of scar massage is called cross friction or transverse friction massage.This involves using one or two fingers to massage your scar in a direction that is perpendicular to the line of the scar.

This technique helps to remodel the scar and ensures that the collagen fibers of the scar are aligned properly.交叉摩擦按摩常用于治疗肌腱炎和肌肉拉伤或韧带扭伤。这项技术持续5到10分钟。If instructed to do so,你可以每天给自己做两到三次疤痕组织按摩。


筋膜松弛术(MFR) is often used to manage scar tissue and the adhesions that may accompany scar tissue.The technique involves using the hands to massage the skin and underlying tissues around the scar.Motions are slow and the amount of force used is usually light.Your PT can feel for restrictions of tissue,called fascia,在各个方向上,努力改善这些限制方向上的运动。


物理治疗中使用的一种相对较新的技术称为仪器辅助软组织动员(isatm)。This technique involves using special stainless steel instruments of various shapes and sizes to massage and mobilize tissues.你的病人可以用器械摩擦你的疤痕组织。thus"“分手”组织存在。iastm的使用是新的,and thus may lack rigorous scientific study required to decide if it is worthwhile to use in the PT clinic.


Another common method to help remodel scar tissue isstretching以及柔韧性练习。这有助于拉长受伤组织,提高其整体活动能力。如果你受伤或做了手术,你的理疗师很可能会将疤痕按摩和伸展纳入你的康复计划。

Stretching scar tissue may be an important component of your rehab program.Most PTs agree that long duration,low load stretching is necessary to help you fully remodel scar tissue.

Scar Management After Fracture

The scar tissue in bone is called callus and is present for four to 12 weeks after a fracture.If you have broken a bone and have started physical therapy,your therapist may massage the overlying tissue near the callus to help restore normal mobility.如果你做了手术来修复骨折,可以在切口上做疤痕按摩。

Another way to improve callus formation in bone is by performing weight-bearing exercise.Bone grows in response to the stress that is placed upon it (沃尔夫定律)您的理疗师可以为您选择合适的运动,帮助您提高骨折后骨骼的整体强度。Be sure to work with your doctor and physical therapist to ensure that your fracture is healed enough to begin weight-bearing exercise.

How Long Does Scar Tissue Remodelling Take??

How long does it take to remodel scar tissue?Well,everyone is different and heals at different rates.一般来说,大约需要6到8个星期才能完全重塑身体中受伤的组织。Just remember to take it slow and provide a nice,long duration low-load stress to your scar tissue.

Does Science Support Scar Tissue Massage??

当你在康复期间对你的身体进行任何治疗时,you should question if the treatment is necessary and if it actually works.那么,有关疤痕组织按摩的科学文献表明了什么呢?2012年的一项荟萃分析检查了10项有关疤痕组织按摩的研究,发现技术和应用各不相同,and most studies were weak.The conclusion:"Although scar massage is anecdotally effective,there is scarce scientific data in the literature to support it.""

Does this mean that scar massage won't work for you?绝对不是。If it feels good and helps you move better,then it is effective.但你必须明白,如果你有需要重塑的疤痕组织,这可能不是你时间(或医疗费用)的最佳用途。


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Scar tissue grows in the body as a normal response to injury.This injury may be caused by repetitive strain,fracture,or surgery.Management of your scar through scar tissue massage,拉伸,运动是确保瘢痕正常重塑和恢复正常活动和功能的关键。

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