Most Common Type of Lung Cancer

Common and Less Common Lung Cancers

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To describe the most common type of lung cancer it's helpful to first describe the different forms of the disease since the answer can vary depending on smoking status and gender.

Major Types

两大类型肺癌。Non-small cell lung cancer是最常见的肺癌类型总体上约占肺癌的80%。Small cell lung cancersare responsible for around 15 percent of lung cancers in the United States.

Non-small cell lung cancers are in turn broken down into3types.

Men vs.Women

Non-small cell lung cancers are found more commonly among women,whereas small cell lung cancers are more likely to be found in men.非小细胞肺癌,lung adenocarcinomas occur more frequently in女人,while squamous cell and large cell lung cancers are more likely to occur inmen.

Smokers vs.Non-Smokers

非小细胞和小细胞肺癌都与吸烟史,though small cell lung cancer is associated more strongly with smoking.Non-small cell lung cancers are the form of lung cancer found more frequently in individuals who have never smoked.How else is lung cancer different in non-smokers?

非小细胞肺癌,肺腺癌是最有可能在非吸烟者中发现的类型。Squamous cell carcinoma less common than lung adenocarcinoma overall,但在吸烟的人中更常见。

There is a theory that the addition of filters to cigarettes in years back may have affected the types of lung cancer found.诸如小细胞肺癌和鳞状细胞肺癌等癌症往往发生在最大的气道内或附近,而且在向香烟添加过滤器之前更为常见。When filters became commonly used in cigarettes,cancers found more in the periphery of the lungs such as lung adenocarcinoma became more common,It's thought that the carcinogens in tobacco smoke were deposited in the large airways before the advent of filters,但是随着过滤器的加入,它们被带进了肺部更深处。

Young Adults

Lung adenocarcinoma is the most common type oflung cancer in young adults— accounting for roughly 80 percent of these cancers.Young adults with lung cancer are much more likely to have a genetic predisposition to lung cancer and a higher likelihood of treatable mutations.



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